Drakonia Sektoria (2nd album, digital download 2013)

by KSK

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This is the much awaited 2nd full length album that from 2008 till now (year checked: 2013) has not been released for 1 of the most obvious reason - the label, KILLZONE RECORDS (USA), that supposed to release this in CD format, just went dead on KSK. Z:c4 decided to pull the plug from them and so in 2013, this album is released as FREE digital download. TAKE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO OTHER OFFICIAL RELEASE OTHER THAN THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION FOUND IN ksksg.bandcamp.com. DO NOT BUY ANY HARDCOPIES UNLESS I ANNOUNCE THERE ARE SUCH VERSION.

THIS RELEASE IS NOT UNDER KILLZONE RECORDS. This is an independent release and KSK does no longer want to associate with that label in any way.

AS THIS RELEASE IS FIRST RELEASE AS DIGITAL DOWNLOAD via this site, it will not be available as hardcopy from anyone else. If there is/are, those are pirate copies and they are thieves who didn't have any permission from me, Z:c4.


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


KSK Singapore

KSK is a 1 man project from Singapore. The music progress from doom to dark electronic to black industrial metal. Recently, the man behind KSK, Z:c4, did some songs that he filed under KSK The Adversum. These songs are the total opposite to the main genre of KSK. They are mainly slow, doomy, ambient and at the same time noisy too. Z:c4 sees the music as like the ying and yang. Black & White. ... more

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Track Name: KSK - 02 - In Quadrant Ab:7U
Coordinate reveal
4th mystical race
Far beyond Sirius
Far beyond human thoughts

Coordinate reveal
4th mystical race
Far beyond Sirius
Far beyond human thoughts

See the power grow
From a gleam of light
To the enraging souls
Made of infernal fire
Protecting the netherealm
Protecting the golden foetus

In deep hibernation
The conquering aliens
Far beyond logical darkness
In Quadrant Ab-7u

Electronize viral infection
Within quadrant Ab-7u
Flowery squids with death venom
Gliding from sea then thru the red sky

Look hard from those galaxial points
It will reveal a new death matrix
An army of million viral despots
Creating a new world

They will infect all morality
They will create the spark of anarchy
They will rule with trihedron law
They will be the deceptive icons
Track Name: KSK - 03 - Code B:H:B!
Elemental storm
Death shadow conjured
Melting point of all creation
Arrival point of mass destruction

Ground zero destination
Cyber Cykranosh Cyult

Final trigger
Code burn heaven burn!
Rise oh thy minions
Division Zsathoggua Assault

The Saturn cold storm
Has engulfed and envisioned
Manifest : Within Me
Obtest : From Me

“I saw something but will speak nothing
I am under conquered Will”

Final trigger
Code freeze hell freeze!
Zezanoth Cometh!

DemiDroid’s world……………
Numerical disorder……………
Death Order dominion………………
Towards weakening light……………
Dark vibration……………
Chaos Vortex Path……………
Final esoteric gate……………
Zhaari Moth!
Track Name: KSK - 04 - Infernal Israfel Invasion
(Edgar Allen Poe, poem "Israfel")
“In heaven a spirit doth dwell
Whose heart-strings are a lute;
None sing so wildly well
As the angel Israfel,
And the giddy stars (so legends tell)
Ceasing their hymns, attend the spell
Of his voice, all mute...”

3 massive fold
3 deafening blow
Why, when told, we defy?
Can, we now deny?

Loathe of the past linger
Vengeance seed that we sow
Now reaps in brightly bloom
All for our doom?

The land and the mountain
All turn barren flat
Gravitational collapse effect
Lifting us all from point to point

Descent, descent, descent!!!
Choice between 2 paths
The black and the white
What answers do we have?

The land and the mountain
All turn barren flat
Gravitational collapse effect
Lifting us all from point to point

Where the black leads in…
The path of sorrow
With fine hairs as nemesis
Beneath with sulphur flowing-like tears

Where the white gain…
The path of sweetness
Sweet milk, sweet meat
Laying towards the greatest fountain

But now hear the sound
The sound of total destruction
Blow… Once… Blow… Twice… Blow thrice…
Beyond supernova infliction

Track Name: KSK - 06 - Living Emptiness Within Me
I, abide this Moment of sub-vision
Visualised, changed, submerged
Energy of spiritual art
Dance violently in harmony
Obscure and radiant
Segments of Mercurial Fire

Tame not it should be
For it was summon to be
From the deeper inner me
Wall of Emptiness, protect me -
Great primordial noise
Rumbling Force awaken
Lightbearer’s shadow
Mark of the Defectionist -
Weak not it should be
For it was willingly not be
From the inner deeper me
Wall of Emptiness, protect me -
Before the birth of Time
Before the birth of Space
From Malkuth, down to Kether
Axis Mundi –

I sway like a pendulum
I see the spheres encircling
Then came dust as connecting paths
Forming up a maze of Ein-Sof

I light the space
With flares onto my palm
As the torch for this journey
Into the Great Yawning Abyss

“Thru my inner consiousness,
I created the invisible steps
To explore within my inner cage
That is waiting, my extreme rage.

With this spear, I craved the keys
Keys which the angels and demons utter
Keys which will unlock me
For me to become, for me to exalt

Numerous visualisation subtle
Manifesting within controlled walls
Into fire-spheres they encircling me
But I mediate, communicate, dictate

With 1 stroke of hand command,
They obey, They accede, They conform
Into fundamental sign they form
My initiation into Khaos”
Track Name: KSK - 07 - Khaos Function Storm
Khaos in rhythmic function
Seclusive patterns to re-cleanse

Heretic 1024 bit winds
The greater force of destruction

Creation from death vortex
Hydraulic liberator of man-machine

Before the nazarene's sector
Technological new souls of fire


Trumpet of 3 eternal death blows
Cynide, sulphur and silver dust

Shining thru the gate of Saturn
Precise destroyers
Swirling storms, each so destructive
Master of shadow vibe


Concentrate energy phasor
Storm of new dimension
Matrix code finality
Uber-storm, devouring gateway


(Come! Come! Come!)

Come O receptive Ikon.
Absolute universe creator/ crusher

Welcome to the last seconds of this world
Version: Death.377
Ending beyond reasoning
Logic beginning arch-destroyer

Ending beyond reasoning
Logic beginning arch-destroyer

Exit: All Creation
Enter: The Eternal Light Bearer
Track Name: KSK - 08 - The Alchemy Man

A lonely figure
Old but supremely wise
For millions of years he stand
Now decide to lie down again

From deep thoughts
He took his Clozapine
It was too little, too much
He took it more

Resting and waiting
To be carried away
To be a creator-psychopathic
Of yet another dream

The night before now
His dream was both nice and horror
He thought he could have it eternal
But alas, he need to awake

Counting sheeps, counting numbers
He soon began to fall into a new dream
Via tunnels that lead him to another sector
Vast space with suspended time

Dreaming, nice dreaming, he thought
He began to control his dream
Floating and suspended in space
He created a pressurized ball of basic elements

He flush in water and he usher in fire
And then inject mundane lifeforms into it
He was smiling as he sees the ball filling up
Finally, he can make better psycho-creations

He held up his hands
With the ball suspended in between
He thrust his hands towards the ball
The sudden move then created tidal winds

By the force of the winds, the ball was pressurized
And exploded, massively, into micro fire spheres
From there he perform the whirlwind action
Making all spheres wandering into orbit

The old man felt he had made it perfect
Thus he decide to create several micro-life-races
Of many others spheres he choose
He then command those spheres to flourish

He let loose 2 elements in it, water and fire
Then from there, he said “React and be Alive!”
From water and fire came air and earth
And from air and earth came lifeforms

Then the old wise man let nature unfold
As he had just unleash the primordial light
He observe on his newly psycho-creation from far
His new control of power satisfied him

After million years of watching his creations
That flourishes from a single to multiple lifeforms
From barbaric to intelligent
From love to hate each other

He suddenly remember, he suddenly realized
That he needs to wake up
Knowingly fully that once he wakes up,
His psychopathic-creations will be gone

This is only a dream, yet his another dream
But he will return there again
And to create again, again and again
Then via the same tunnel he returned

What if there is such man out there?
Sleeping and dreaming, and we are in his dream
What if he decide to wakes up?
What if we are just psychopathic creations of him?
Track Name: KSK - 09 - Drakonia Sektoria
Illuminate -- Solar Sphere
Consecrate -- Divine's Dust
Stimulate -- Spiritual Front
Retrogade -- Planetary Alignment
Generate - Vril Pulsar
Communicate -- Viral Lifeform
Meditate -- Separation Path
Elevate -- Abysmal Zenith

Drakonia -- Walk thru Alpha's Gate
Sektoria -- Enter thru Omega's Plane


Dwell in absolute silence
Centre of kosmos
Eternal sleep, eternal slumber
Bow before the Solar Throne


Descending to primal earth
Suspending at the pitless Void
Crawling frictionless glide
Whispering Serpent's Call


Eccere! Sol Letum
Eccere! Caeli Letum

Centre of malignant aeons
Radiate to penetrate
Conceiving in deep Abyss
De-coding hidden codex
Nine equilibriums
Eight ion rays
Seven sonic bursts
Six apocalyptical blows

The great universe yawn
It's wall collapse once more
Air return, Fire return
From explosive to implosive

Drakonia Sektoria
Vektor vortex procession
All elements reforming again
Into the vicious circle, all glide

Astral spheres of hidden lair
As inner, as outer

Ad infinitum
Spiritus transcendo
Sordid auriolae
Debelletus ad silentium

De tenebrae, nunc surrectus
De mysticum regionis
De mysticum essentiae
Gnasci de Serpentis astri

Astral birth trajection
As above, as below

Crawling frictionless glide
Whispering Serpent's Hiss

Five points of evolution
Four inhaling massive breathe
Three infinite expansion
Two infinite contraction

One is AIN, pre-Kosmic Birth
Track Name: KSK - 10 - Deathikon
THE END ritual has begin
Ultimatum deathikon
Placed all nukes on this world
And blast the whole Earth to bits!!!!

Crush – The temple
Burn – The scrolls
Crush – The statue of idols
Burn – The codex
Crush – The wall
Burn – The scriptures
Crush – The light
Burn – The shroud of man

Death seekers, triggered killers
Slice that small girl with a knife

This is the song full of hate
Masks behind in millions black clads
Annihilation, fucking scums
Slaughtering, defenders of light

This is the song that is full of hate
Yeah, you gonna be our bait
Up at frontline to take control
Nowhere to hide, you die in cold

This is the song that is full of hate
Death Order be create
Up at frontline to take control
Nowhere to hide, you’ll die in cold

Ultra Violent Terra Code!
Ultra Violent Terror Hate!

Crush – The temple
Burn – The scrolls
Crush – The statue of idols
Burn – The codex
Crush – The wall
Burn – The scriptures
Crush – The light
Burn – The shroud of man

This is the song that is full of hate
Yeah, you gonna to be our bait
Up at frontline to take control
Nowhere to hide, you’ll die in cold

This is the song that is full of hate
Death Order to be create
Up at frontline to take control
Nowhere to hide, you’ll die in cold

Ein - Zwei - Drei - HATE!
Ein - Zwei - Drei - RAGE!